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social media marketing & photography

Atelier818 is a local jewelry line that designs classic and timeless pieces for the Filipino woman.

atelier 818 bridal shoot-28.jpg

what we've



a social media marketing strategy and execute it through a social media calendar featuring the jewelry designs, while also including inspirational photos and quotes that all convey the importance of classic and timeless choices in jewelry.


illustrations of Atelier 818's The List, their homage to the amazing women who embody grace and style, providing inspiration for their online followers.

We shot the jewelry worn in different settings to show how buyers will be able to use them for different events.

From weddings to the daily 9-to-5, Atelier 818 has a piece for

every woman.

atelier 818 bridal shoot-21.jpg


Some illustrations drawn for online content. We used a combination of free style hand-drawing and digital overlaying to transform the initial portrait

shot into a digital illustration.

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