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photography & collateral design

Grit makes tasty smoothie bowls made of fresh fruits, guaranteed to make you feel stronger and healthier with one serving!


what we've



their menu and infographics according to the brand owners’ vision that informs the viewer about the health benefits of their smoothie bowls.


photos of their smoothie bowls to include into the menu. 


illlustrations that complement the brand identity of the company, shown in their different marketing collaterals.

Grit Mockup - Menu&FAQ.jpg
Grit Mockup - Menu.jpg

A menu design that helps the customers choose the combination of ingredients to put in their smoothie bowl.

Clips_Holding_Large_Poster_Mockup_Four c

An infographic explaining the ethos of Grit and the health benefits of having smoothie bowls for a meal.

We styled and shot the smoothie bowls in a way that highlights their overall deliciousness but still shows the individual ingredients.

A step-by-step guide on building your own smoothie bowl.

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