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Punchdrunk Panda

social media marketing & photography

Quirky stationery and lifestyle products that appeal to the creative mind.


what we've



a weekly blog post that covered topics from organization to home decor to travel, which also featured their collection of multi-use products.


the product descriptions of their new scented candle line for 2019.

Produce & Edit

photos for their social media profiles, which primarily feature their line of products. We do everything from styling the products to choosing and editing the photos that will be posted throughout the month. We also write the captions for all their posts, tailored to the month’s theme and events.

pdp may-19.png

Fun, quirky, creative. Every spread is bright and colorful, but still shows their products in realistic lifestyle situations.

pdp may-7.png
pdp pin-4.jpg
pdp may-14.png
pdp pin-7.jpg

  content writing  

Previous blog posts we wrote for their blog. We featured fellow creatives and artists they collaborated with or are inspired by, with some travel and productivity tips for budding artists.

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