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6 lessons I learned at Launchspace

by Jemimah Tan, Launchspace's resident copywriter

A week before I attended the last of my Zoom classes, I came across a post on the Internet that talks about the overwhelming transition from college to career, how the world post-grad will feel extra chaotic now that there is no clear path or to-do list to follow.

Gabi Abrão writes in her post, “For a moment your whole compass will be off on what it means to be a person and get a response and know what to do and when.”

“This will end though,” she says, “But be ready for some uncomfortable calibrating.”

So I braced myself. I studied literature and wrote mainly fiction such as poems and short stories. I was terrified when I clicked send on my application to Launchspace for their copywriter opening.

February marked 6 months since I was welcomed into the team. It’s March now and this blog is maybe a little late, but I’m grateful to have this space to finally organize my thoughts because it has been one of the most nourishing months of my life. Below are 6 things I learned at Launchspace.

Every day is brand new

During one of our team meditation calls, our founder Lara mentioned a quote in passing, and it’s stuck to me ever since: Every day is a new day you haven’t seen. It’s funny how I never thought of it that way despite being proven wrong every single day.

Working at a digital content agency, I never know exactly what I’ll get to work on next. Projects are constantly changing and there will always be new clients and brands to get to know and love. There’s something new every day, I just have to keep my eyes open long enough to look.

Your team is rooting for you

Balancing a plate of to-dos can be challenging, especially when Wednesday arrives and you suddenly realize that your deadlines have crept up as the week progressed.

But here’s the thing: being in a team literally means you’re in a team. You have people who look out for you. My heart does a little leap every time I find helpful little notes from my team on the Google Sheets or Slides. It could be a possible angle, sometimes a topic suggestion—always, I’m grateful to receive them.

Working with a small team usually means weekly bonding calls

Content creation isn’t as easy as it looks. There are so many factors that go into creating engaging and branded content, from meeting with clients down to the execution. So we like to end the workweek with a fun meditation or dance session led by our official unofficial HR (hello, Dianne and Nades) to unwind.

There’s a fine line between copywriting and creative writing

In a world where people never seem to run out of content to scroll through, every word matters. Which does not mean to say that short and sweet is always the answer. Sometimes it’s making sure that every word flows into the next. Paint your reader a picture. Tell a story. Copywriting should be practical, but it should also be compelling, exciting, rich, with a captivating arc that will keep them reading.

All brands deserve to be main characters

When you have multiple brands selling the same type of products, how do you make it work?

We recently had a new brand onboard, offering the same type of products as one of the brands we are handling. Some notes I got from the social media manager handling the accounts: What are the brands’ appeals? Who are their respective target audiences?

It’s important to remember that they serve different, and very niche, audiences. While one of the pet brands uses natural premium shampoo ingredients which may appeal to product-savvy owners, the other attracts practical customers with affordability and less complicated options. That’s enough differences to make these characters distinct.

Lastly, working at a digital content company molds you into a creative chameleon

I could be writing copies and blog posts one day and helping a social media manager churn out content for a content calendar the next. Working with a small creative team allows me to dip my toes into the different stages of content creation. This also challenges me to learn new things that are outside of my expertise and comfort zone.


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