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The Launchspace Stress Relievers

With so many things happening around us, processing everything can make us feel overwhelmed. Meeting deadlines, adjusting to changes, dealing with personal problems—all these things can happen beyond our control and eventually make us feel stressed out. We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. Feeling overwhelmed with these things is normal and there are ways you can help yourself get out of the hole. Here’s how the members of our team hit pause, relax, and reduce stress to help us get back up again!

Lara: Running & Watching TikTok

Recently, I’ve been de-stressing by getting back into running. Aside from getting an endorphin boost, it allows me to have anxiety-free, screen-free me-time. Also, blasting fun beats really gets me energized and refreshed. I’ve been working out more religiously since the pandemic started and I think it’s a major factor that’s kept me sane throughout all these months.

I’ve also been going on TikTok (yup, I’ve joined the bandwagon). I especially enjoy the TikToks on life hacks, productivity tips, and small businesses because I get a glimpse of these TikTokers’ worlds, and it feels like I’m meeting them, experiencing and learning alongside them, like I am not alone. I get a positivity boost and good insights all in a fun and non-toxic platform!

Dianne: Dancing

Whenever I get overwhelmed by stressing over a situation, one of the sure-fire ways to free me from that mentality is to dance it out. It may sound superficial, but dancing and movement has its magic way of lifting off my worries. Maybe it’s the mere act of literally shaking the nerves away. I just know that I’m never not happy whenever I get up, focus on the music and how it makes me feel, and express those feelings into movement.

In fact, I’ve started incorporating it to my daily routine: I start my day by dancing to one song. It doesn’t have to be perfectly choreographed. If I’m being honest, I just mostly jump around, flail my arms, shake my hips, and pretend I’m having a concert in my own room! By doing this, I get to start my day full of ~good~ energy!

Nadine: Baking & Cooking for Family Friends

I’ve noticed that during the times I feel most stressed, they’re usually because I’m focusing too much on myself and what’s happening in my life, forgetting that I do have a support system—my friends and family. I’ve heard someone say that the best way they relieve stress was by doing something for others. When I first heard that advice, it felt counter-intuitive, because don’t other people stress you out? But it actually does work.

I like to cook a meal or bake a dessert to share with my family and friends. There’s the element of a relatively simple task with a step by step instruction that I can focus on, and also the element of making someone excited or happy to receive a little care package. It truly boosts my energy and makes me really happy letting someone know that I do think of them and that I care!

Rissa: Reading & Journaling

I’ve always been an introvert, and when life gets overwhelming, one of my favourite things to do is to escape reality for a little while by hiding inside the pages of a book. Books take you to new worlds with every word and they have the power to make you laugh, cry, smile, and cringe all at once. I think that there’s a calm in setting your problems aside and finding yourself lost in the words.

And if I’m not escaping reality, I’m facing it. Journaling has helped me during my toughest times. Being able to express your stress, hurt, and frustration on a page makes me feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve never been good at bottling up my feelings and writing them down has given me more breathing room and even comfort because I can express myself in a safe space.

Kris: Watching Movies & Series

I often de-stress myself by watching movies or series. This is a quick hack that I’ve been doing ever since. Oftentimes, I get overwhelmed easily. So instead of letting myself go down the hole and overthink everything, I take a step back, breathe, and watch something. Whether the film or series is new or old, long or short, it helps me calm my mind and forget about my stressors even just for a while. And when time permits, I try to sneak in a short nap to restart my mind. So when I wake up, I try again and approach everything in a composed manner. It’s a quick escape yet helps my body and mind conquer every challenge I’m about to face.

Kim: Drawing

Drawing helps me relieve my stress for two reasons. First, it makes me feel free. Whenever I draw and start with a sketch, I don’t have to feel too conscious about how straight the lines are or how far the objects are from each other. I often feel stressed when I overthink, but every time I draw, I have the freedom to just focus on the picture unfolding in front of me without worrying about anything else. Second, drawing is something that I love and do for myself. Having the time to draw is like taking a break from my usual routine and going back to my first love. When I draw for myself and not to please anyone else, I feel happy, satisfied, and rewarded.

We hope you also find something that makes you feel relaxed, happy, and positive when life gets overwhelming!


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