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Tips on Writing Engaging Social Media Captions

A good photo can catch the attention of your customers, but a good caption can make them act after seeing your post. How do you write captions that will engage your customers and eventually make them visit your website and buy your products? Here are some tips from our resident copywriter, Kim Manalang, to guide you in crafting great social media captions for more engagement:

Know your audience

Out of thousands of followers who see your posts, identify a specific group of people that you intend to engage with. Are you talking to women who are 25-40 years old and have a salary of Php 30,000 or higher? Are you selling your products to teenagers who prefer drugstore makeup over high-end brands? Remember that the way you talk to your high school friends is different from the way you talk to their parents, and the same goes for communicating with your followers.

To get you started, create a profile of your target audience by listing down their age, gender, salary, interests, hobbies, and needs. Knowing these specific details will guide you in choosing the right words and tone when engaging with your target audience.

Add a call to action or question

Before writing your caption, identify first the purpose of your post. Do you want your followers to visit your website or join your giveaway? Do you want to encourage interaction between you and your followers? Asking these questions will help you choose the right call to action or question to include in your caption. Some CTAs you can use are:

  • Click the link in our bio!

  • Visit our website

  • Send us a DM to order

  • Leave a comment

  • Tag a friend

Use emojis when necessary

Emojis can add personality to your captions, so you can have fun with them as long as they fit your tone of voice and branding. Aside from catching the attention of your readers, emojis can also serve as a break when your caption tends to be long. You can also use them to replace a word if you’re allowed to be a little bit playful with your captions! Here are some ways you can use emojis:

  • Send us an email for inquiries! 📧

  • Shop your favorite pieces on our website 🛍

  • Add to 🛒 now!

Be emphatic

Understanding the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of your audience will guide you in choosing the right words and tone for your captions. What would they feel if they read the words in your caption? Would they be interested in your product the moment they see your post? Would you be offending anyone after posting your caption? Read your caption a few times and ask yourself these questions before hitting that ‘Share’ button. You wouldn’t want to lose the trust of your audience just because of one wrong word you’ve said!

Hope these little tips and tricks make it easier for you to bring out your brand voice and communicate your message, help you engage better with your audience and, of course, increase your sales!


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