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A Day in the Life: Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Gaby and I work as the graphic designer for Launchspace. Part of why I like my job is because I get a variation of work. Being in a digital content company with a wide range of clients allow me to dip my toes in a variation of industries; from F&B to retail to fashion. One job is different from the next, it keeps things fresh and always on my toes. Here’s what a day in my life at work, to give you and other aspiring graphic designers a realistic look on what it’s like to work for a start-up digital content company.

Breakfast (6AM)

The most important and my favorite meal of the day. I’m a sucker for classic Pinoy breakfast food. Tapa, tocino, and/or bangus with some hot rice are the best. As soon as I finish breakfast, I brush my teeth, leave, and PRAY that traffic isn’t bad.

Warm Up (9AM)

Once I’ve gotten to work and set up my things on my desk, I’d step out to go to the nearby 7/11 to grab a cup of coffee in a reusable tumbler and a Kitkat bar. When I get back to the office, I’d open up a Youtube channel that streams lofi music like Chilledcow or Chillhop Essentials to provide some mood music as I ease into my work day.

Within the first few hours of my day, I would read blogs on feedly or go on Pinterest to keep me updated on design trends. If I have any deadlines or job orders, I briefly coordinate with my coworkers on projects I’m working on for/with them & their clients. Then, I’d make a to-do list to know which projects to prioritize for the day.

Game Time (10AM)

This is where the true grind comes in. I’d go over the design brief / client questionnaire and start researching. When I’m working with a new client, I usually do a deep dive on their industry. I check out their competitors, designs they like and dislike, and their target market.

For branding projects, I start out with choosing a color palette for the brand. It’s one of my favorites parts. It gets me in the mood and help me visualize what the brand will be like.

After choosing a palette, I start sketching ideas on my notebook. I usually fill up a page or two before I open Photoshop or Illustrator to digitize it.

Lunch (12NN-1PM)

By lunchtime, it’s time for me to take a break from work. I’d eat my packed lunch or buy food from Greenbelt, since it’s a quick 5 to 10 minute walk from our office. The walk to the mall is a great time to reset my brain for the next half of the day. When I feel stuck on a project, looking around window displays at the mall usually help.

Once I have my meal, I’d usually view the newest Youtube video of either Vox, TheFutur, or Jubilee to watch while I eat.

Back to Work (1PM-4:30PM)

My afternoons depend on what I’m currently working on. If it’s a branding project, I could spend a whole day on it, going back and forth on ideas. If it’s social media posts, I review their previous posts to help me remember the feel of the brand and start designing from there. It’s always different since we have a lot of clients we work with.

End of the Day (5PM)

A typical workday ends at 5PM. Since I spend most of my day in front of a screen, I try to unwind by doing one of my hobbies when I get home; either weaving, baking, or yoga.


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