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A Vlog : On Aesthetic and Style

Hey, it’s Nadine! Welcome to my chan- 😅😅😅 whoops, wrong platform!

Hi, this is Nadine, I’m a Social Media Manager here at Launchspace. I also have a Youtube channel where I post vlogs about my life. I thought that it would be a fun video idea to show you guys outfits I wore to work, inspired by my current obsession- BTS!

I picked Namjoon (aka RM, the leader of BTS) for my outfit pegs because I noticed that we somewhat have similar style. Every outfit I show in this video, I already had in my closet. You can see how casual my work outfits are, because * thankfully * we don’t have to look too professional in our day-to-day.

Hope you enjoy the short little video! Please also love BTS! 💜💜💜


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