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A Walk Through The Park

At Launchspace, we’re very passionate about helping other start-ups and budding entrepreneurs get their brand out into the world. It’s only through entrepreneurs helping and promoting other entrepreneurs that our businesses flourish. We’re happy to find like-minded individuals in the founders of The Park Fashion + Lifestyle.

This venture began when Angela See of Soak Swimwear and Mariella Veluz of Sewn Sandals started joining bazaars to promote their brands. They noticed that there was a lack of support for local businesses and designers especially when the international brands came in. This is what prompted them to push for a bigger space where local brands would reign supreme.

As fate would have it, they were offered a space in a mall, specifically the popular Shangri-La Plaza. They saw this as the perfect opportunity to display not only their own items, but also the products of other local brands in a high-traffic mall alongside international brands. This was the start and birth of The Park Fashion and Lifestyle that they are known to be today. Each corner of the space is filled with shelves of clothes, accessories, shoes, and other items sold by local brands. From the jewelry-maker who designed Catriona Gray’s iconic ear cuff to beach-ready items, they can all be found in The Park.

Establishing a good relationship with their partners came easily, as they themselves are entrepreneurs who experienced the struggle of building a local brand. “As an entrepreneur, there are many struggles, from getting good and reliable suppliers, the painstaking development process, building one's brand, learning how to market it, gaining customers, learning how to deal with different personalities, exposing it to customers, making sure that the sales are doing well. It is from start to finish that local entrepreneurs struggle with on an everyday basis,” Angela shares.

Her advice for fellow business-makers is, “Make sure that there is a need for your brand. Many entrepreneurs start with making products that they cannot sell because there is no need for it. Secondly, market it well. Marketing on social media platforms is the way to go these days. Third is to be hands-on from start to finish. If the business grows, hire staff to delegate; however, remain hands-on with the staff.”

It’s important to utilize the tools already available in your hands, both in growing your brand and helping others grow their own businesses. Angela leaves us with this valuable piece of advice: “Social media like Instagram and Facebook help with supporting [our] advocacy of loving local products. By gaining followers, marketing and helping each other as local entrepreneurs and designers, we can help each other by exposing our brands to customers that are housed in one place.”

The story of how The Park came to life shows us how uplifting fellow entrepreneurs can both lead us to new heights. Here’s to seeing more local businesses succeed!

Visit The Park Fashion + Lifestyle at their branches located in Shangri-La Plaza and UP Town Center for a great shopping experience.


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