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Here Are Our Plans for Holy Week 2019

With the upcoming Holy Week comes a chance to disconnect from work, stress, and the metropolitan chaos. When the entire country goes on a break, the roads are cleared after everyone goes home to the province and traffic is a thing of the past… at least until the Easter Sunday rush of people coming home. As a company who functions in the digital world, it’s a little bit harder to take a step back from the work we do. Here’s how Team Launchspace is planning to spend Holy Week:

“I will be staying in Manila for Holy Week. My family and I do the Holy Week traditions - Visita Iglesia, hear confession, listen to the 7 Last Words, and basically spend time with family. I love it because there's zero traffic, all establishments are closed, so there's more time to be spent in peace, quiet and with God.” ―Lara

“Aside from the usual Filipino Holy Week traditions with my parents, this year I'm planning to clean my room (which I usually do), try to go on a social media detox (that's why I tried to avoid scheduling posts during the Holy Week break) and watch some Marvel movies (before the premiere of the End Game!!)” ―Nica

“My plans for this coming Holy Week is to disconnect and be more "in the moment." In other words, I really want to clear my head of the "noise" that being on social media brings, and re-focus on what brings me genuine happiness and what makes me love life. :) I guess I can channel that through spending little to no time on social media and more time on interacting with the people I'm going to be with.” ―Dianne

"I am going on a family trip to Osaka, Japan this Holy Week. We have a number of activities lined up- hiking, going to a theme park, sightseeing, and a lot of eating. When going on trips abroad, I don't like to fully-book our schedule so that we can freely enjoy the places we are visiting. Our main focus is to bond and experience things with each other. It's nice to simply enjoy being with my family and not having to rush. Even though we are going to one of Japan's biggest cities, I wanted to go on a hiking trail so we can still enjoy nature, and be reminded of the importance of being still and appreciative of God's creation. ✨" ―Nadine

“My family usually goes out of town, but we're staying this year so my dad can perform his Holy Week traditions at church. I plan to use this free time on bread making to relax and unwind.” ―Gaby

“During Holy Week, my family has a tradition of going to Navotas the praying to the Mahal na Señor. Every Maundy Thursday, we visit Navotas and my lola hosts family and friends to join us, where we sit and eat before we go upstairs and touch the Señor's feet. The rest of the weekend is mainly spent at home. I feel like this is a chance for me and my family to reflect and be grateful for the blessings we receive because my lola has always believed that the Señor is one of the big reasons we are as fortunate as we are. To cut off from social media and work and allow ourselves to rest and detach.” ―Rissa

“I’m planning on finally cleaning my room, purging myself of stuff that I should’ve gotten rid of a long time ago. And then I’m gathering my family together for a movie night, since due to our busy schedules at school and work, we usually don’t get to spend time together. I might write in my journal more during that time, since it helps me process my thoughts and feelings. Of course, we’re planning on going with my lola to Church for the usual Holy Week traditions such as the early morning process ion held on Easter Sunday. It’s so relaxing to walk around the barangay before dawn and starting the day with the morning Mass.” ―Yana

We hope you’ll have a relaxing and cleansing Holy Week!


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