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“I’d rather be at the beach”-- a thought that almost everyone has when they’re at work. But for us, interning at Launchspace made us feel as if we were at the beach.

Hi! We’re NikaRina (Annika + Sarina hehe) and we’re Launchspace interns! You would think that “Oh they’re just interns”- aka the slaves of the company who gets the employees coffee or food and perform meaningless tasks that have no significance to our lives. But NO. Interning at Launchspace was like finally coming up for air after holding your breath underwater-- eye-opening and refreshing.

CASUAL WEAR (no, we didn’t wear swimsuits lol)

At the start of our internship, we thought that we’d have to wear business casual wear; picture a presentable blouse tucked into those ironed trousers, closed shoes, maybe even a blazer (basically picture a model from Uniqlo). However, the workspace gave off this comfortable atmosphere and encouraged the team to wear anything comfortable so long as it’s conservative and presentable! We could wear jeans, sleeveless, off-shoulders, denim skirts and jackets, dresses, sneakers- it’s all up to your creativity.


Being at Launchspace was like being with your barkada. We all got along with them right away! There are times when we’d have fun talking about food, boys (especially about BTS), milk tea, movies and tv shows. And if we’re not doing this, we’d busy ourselves coordinating with clients, designing social media content or editing photos. Imagine an office that transforms into a studio for photoshoots! It’s a paradox of everyday being the same but also always drastically different.

ICE COLD DRINKS (iced coffee for Annika and Zesto for Sarina)

A trip to the beach (or in this case, Launchspace) isn’t complete without a delicious, cold drink. Something like a piña colada to sip on while sitting down and maybe having a snack, too. But instead of piña colada we have iced coffee and a Zesto juice pack while sitting and working to keep us going! Though usually everyone starts eating at around 12NN-2PM, we were allowed to eat whenever we wanted! If someone brought snacks to share, we would pass it around until they were gone. If we wanted, we could go to any restaurant nearby for lunch and even go downstairs to Mini Stop for more food and drinks!


The entire team consists of just 7 girls in the company. Being with them for 8 hours a week, they can go from 100 to 0 in 5 seconds. One moment, everyone would be chatting and laughing so loud you could probably hear us from across the hall. The next moment, it would be completely silent with our attention solely focused on each of our own laptops. This is just one of the many ways in which the group of 7 deals with their clients and numerous tasks to accomplish. This is because when creating collaterals, design, branding for so many different clients, one has to be attentive. Each has a different purpose, value, target audience and you have to remember which is for what brand; you can’t mix them up! But no matter how much work there is to be done, it’s nothing we can’t handle.


Just like the sand, a lot of the work that we do is refined. Changing the tone of blue to match the client’s preference is such a minute detail but it matters so much. Being able to communicate everything the brand stands for isn’t easy. Sometimes, we’d go back and forth with a client over and over again. But with this, we can make sure that we’re translating correctly what’s in their mind unto the screen. It all sounds like such a hassle (and it is), but what fun is sand if you don’t put in the effort to make it a sandcastle? At the end of the day, when you step back to appreciate your work, you realize it’s worth all the effort and patience.


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