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Ladies Who Launch : Event Recap

Women empowering women is such a beautiful sight to see, and we’re lucky to have witnessed it last Saturday at #LadiesWhoLaunchMNL! Even though the event is over, we hope that the spirit that we felt that day stays with us forever. When you’re in need of a confidence boost, or someone you know needs to hear a few empowering words, let these takeaways from Ladies Who Launch help you out.

Everyone has the power to empower.

Most of our merchants empower women by providing them with livelihood. Our speakers empower women through fashion, fitness, and more. In the same way, all of us can empower any woman by doing things that allow her to be in control of her own life.

It’s totally okay to ask for help.

You don’t have to do everything all by yourself! Most of the girl bosses who joined us last Saturday have their own teams who help them run their businesses successfully. Acknowledge your weaknesses and find the right people who will make things work with you.

Still haven’t figured things out? Well, same.

And that’s okay. Success doesn’t happen overnight, and even the most successful women didn’t get things right all at once. Don’t be too consumed by the thought that your journey has to be smooth sailing and perfect, because there’s no such thing!

Women can do so much more.

Women manage to be successful in a world where there are no equal opportunities for them. How much more could they do if they were given equal opportunities, fair treatment, and control over their own lives?

All these would not have been realized without the speakers, merchants, partners, and attendees who believed in the purpose of Ladies Who Launch. To our speakers, your words have inspired a room full of people with big dreams for themselves and for others, so thank you. To our merchants, thank you for showcasing your creations and supporting women through your businesses.

Lastly, to our attendees, we hope that Ladies Who Launch has served its purpose, which is to empower YOU. May Ladies Who Launch be a reminder that you are strong, confident, powerful, and capable of doing great things because you are a woman.


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