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Launchspace’s Year So Far Pt.2

From being in the office almost every day to working from home, from having dinner with friends to catching up simply via Zoom, and from having plenty of things to do to having almost no plan at all—these are just some of the ways our routines have changed since the first half of 2020. This time, our graphic designer, Gaby, and copywriter, Kim, share how they coped with these changes and what helped them fill their days while staying at home.

2020 began with a lot of things to look forward to. I was excited to go to a concert with my closest friends, spend a weekend at the beach with my family, and celebrate birthdays with these people. Little did I know the world had a different plan for all of us, and it sure was something no one was ready for.

The COVID-19 pandemic started changing our lives, and just like most people, I had to change my everyday routine. Work days felt different. I could wake up later than 5:30 AM, spend less on food and transportation, and avoid the traffic because I spent each day at home. However, like most things, this situation had its own cons. Staying at home meant trying to keep that fine line between work and personal life when you’re in the same space for both things. Staying at home meant communicating with your team online and hoping you’re able to get your message across as clearly as possible. Staying at home, in a time of pandemic, meant having plenty of time thinking of both the positive and the negative. Sometimes, the negative weighed heavier. That’s when I realized I needed an escape.

I’m thankful for our clients who have stayed with us since the start of the pandemic until now. I’m also thankful for being part of a team that keeps going despite the challenges brought by our current situation. Most importantly, I’m thankful for being able to find my escape—new things I enjoy doing and old interests I finally get to revisit now that I have more free time. I started watching KDrama as a form of entertainment. I studied a new language and tried cooking at home to allow myself to learn new things. I finally found the time to do my first love, which is drawing. These things may seem trivial to other people, but to me, they served as an escape from anxiety and showed me signs of growth. They may be far from the plans I had when the year started, but they’re exactly just what I need to keep me going until everything gets better.

We hope for a better and brighter second half of 2020 for all of you!


Our new normal hit me like a brick. I’m a creature of habit so I loved my weekly routines. Work 9-5 on weekdays, catch up with friends on Fridays, and then spend my weekends at home either baking or binging on a new Netflix series. It was an adjustment when I suddenly had to do all of that at home.

I was in denial at the start and I thought quarantine would only last a few weeks. I wanted to be prepared for when we eventually go back to work, so I kept my routine of waking up at 6:30AM. I filled up my days by taking up online classes, baking challenging recipes, and finally organising my room.

After a few weeks, I was running out of things to do, so I was thankful when work started to pick up again. Our clients are also trying to adapt to the new normal, so I’m thankful that they’re approaching us with new and exciting projects!

Half of the year is over, and I think I finally settled into a new routine at home. But Zoom meetings and hangouts are still something I have to get used to.


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