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The Battle of the Chocolate Chip Cookies: A Review

Happy International Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, everyone!

We’ve scoured the Metro looking for The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie EVER. We ranked them based on five categories: chewiness, chocolatey, texture, dryness, and value for money. Here’s our verdict on some of the most beloved chocolate chip cookies in the country!

1. Nono’s PH

Nono’s chocolate chip cookie is that perfect crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside treat! With a very generous sprinkling of chocolate that melts in your mouth with every bite, it’s mild sweetness is definitely worth the ₱75 price point. It’s soft without being too crumbly and its interior.

2. Purple Oven

What’s better than chocolate chip cookies? Chocolate chip cookies dipped in more chocolate, of course! Purple Oven is known for its perfect chocolate dipped cookie. It’s not too sweet, but it could use a few more grams of chocolate chips inside the dough. It had a good balance of moist and chewiness, with a reasonable price of ₱70. Best paired GoBrew’s Benguet blend with its mildly sweet floral notes.

3. Wildflour

The consensus about Wildflour’s chocolate chip cookie was that it’s okay. Just okay. A very underwhelming review, but its price of ₱90 is justified by its size. It also has a dollop of chocolate right in the middle for that last bite, but lacks chocolate in other areas of the dough. However, it’s the perfect afternoon snack when you’re craving a mild sweet treat to tide you over until dinner.

4. Mood

This IG-famous cookie is very buttery and very floury - making it just a tad bit too chewy. It’s under-baked texture makes it closer to cookie dough than a genuine baked good. If that’s the kind of cookie you like, try pairing it with a glass of warm milk. It’s sold at a whopping ₱99 per cookie. The best thing about this recipe is their generous serving of chocolate, evenly spread throughout the dough so you get chocolate with every bite you take. Not the worst in the market, but definitely at the bottom of this list.

Do you agree with our ranking? Let us know in the comments below.


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