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A Brotherly Venture: The Story of Stanford Shaw

Stanford Shaw is the brainchild of two brothers, Marc and Johann See. What is now a popular brand for handcrafted ginger ale all began back in 2011. Marc was gifted a very old cookbook by their mother. They estimate it to be over a quarter of a century old. Procured in the UK, it contained a recipe for the traditional, homemade beverage that has become a staple in Britain for centuries. Using locally-sourced ingredients, Marc decided to experiment by making the drink at home. The rest, as cliche it may seem, is now history.

It took Marc and Johann two whole years of research and development, getting friends and family members to be their designated taste-testers, before they were satisfied with their new recipe. They launched Stanford Shaw in a humble stall at the Legazpi Sunday Market with their only their ginger ale. People kept coming back for more, so they were soon able to join the Salcedo Community Market, events, and bazaars. They’ve grown their range of products to now include Butterbeer, inspired by the Harry Potter drink, and Sparkling Water.

Behind these quality drinks is a heartwarming story of family. This venture between two brothers began with a cookbook bequeathed to them by their mom. The name of their brand, Stanford Shaw, is the combination of the street names of their childhood home. A simple homage to their beginnings became the foundation of their future. With this grounding force, they were able to balance growing Stanford Shaw with ample quality time with their loved ones. “It reminds you that it’s not all about work,” Johann said.

For Marc and Johann, the classic ginger ale embodies everything they stand for: quality products that lasts through time, passed on from one generation to the next. They’re not aiming to be this big corporation. They just want to make good drinks that can capture the hearts of their customers.

Here’s their advice for budding entrepreneurs:

“I think a great product combined with great time--business sense--along with a whole lot of hard work will make a great business person. If you’re looking to join the beverage industry, your product should taste good to stand out.”

It’s pretty simple, really. Create a quality product that you’re genuinely happy with. Make good, lasting connections with your employees, suppliers, and customers. Be visible and reachable online. But most of all, find your grounding force like Marc and Johann did with Stanford Shaw.


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