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Why Take Off with Launchspace?

When you search for the meaning of the word ‘launch’ on Google, some of the most common synonyms you’ll see are start, create, roll out, and kick off. This is exactly what we do at Launchspace⁠

—to help brands kick off their journey to success and grow continuously as they reach new heights.

Every brand and client we get to work with is a new experience, and every opportunity to work with our clients starts with a why. Why blast off with Launchspace?

We make people know who you are.

We can help you build a brand that people will recognize the moment they see your visuals or remember what you do when they hear your name. By creating a logo that stands out, producing engaging content, maximizing paid ads, among others, we will help you build a brand that people can resonate with and trust.

We make customers see you as a friend.

What brand comes to mind when you think of… your comfort food? Your go-to place to get pampered? Your favorite shoes that you can wear all day? If the brands you thought of have one thing in common, it’s probably the trust and connection you’ve made with those brands. For business owners, it is very important to build that connection with your customers and show them that you listen and care. We help your customers get to know the face behind the brand so customers see you as approachable and consider you as a friend.

We make people know why you do what you do.

Telling your brand’s story is a continuous process and always evolving, and we are here to help you as you go on that journey. We’ll share bits and pieces about your brand through anecdotal captions or blogs, show your customers the process of creating your products through photos and videos, and make sure everything posted is in line with and strengthens your WHY.

We make a great all-female team.

Yup, our team is composed of seven women who work hand in hand to help our clients achieve their goals for their brands. Don’t worry, males are welcome to be part of the team as much as any gender is! Working with women has just kept us feeling inspired, supported, appreciated, and motivated to create meaningful content and effectively tell stories for our clients. Each one of us is committed to get the work done in the best way we know how... through GIRL POWER!

Are you ready for your company’s take off? Send a message now to!


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